Back in Jan-2011 I received this diary and when I saw the words on it's cover I felt like filling it with my favorite recipes for various veggies. Thus I embarked on a strange project of documenting 1 unique vegetable recipe that I cooked on each single day that entire year. I consider the term 'vegetables' as any product got from a plant be it root, stem, leaves, flowers, seeds and lot more.
Though I cook more than one vegetable everyday I have written only for each day. Sometimes when we ate out I just filled that page with any other vegetable I had prepared that week. Some recipes are old, some from blogs, some collected during travelling, some were shared or demonstrated by neighbours, friends and some are family recipes. I had also included rice recipes, stir-fry, soup anything made out of vegetables. 

Now it has automatically become a seasonal cookbook which I can go back to each year.
I will be cooking recipes out of this book and posting it along with its picture.
The recipes will be
1. rare to find vegetable recipes (stir-fry, rice recipes, appetisers etc)
2. traditional but forgotten recipes
3. recipes with unique vegetable combinations
4. common recipes with different ingredients or procedure.

My other blog -Cooking without kitchen started as a facebook page and then I found that blogging is more manageable than a page. You can put more pictures and give convenient links and above all I can reach to really interested readers.
More than the recipes I would like to use this is blog to learn more about vegetables. 

 Hope you will tag along.