Saturday, 29 March 2014

Dhania Methi Rice - Coriander and fenugreek leaves fried rice

Dhania methi fried rice is a popular rice dish in my family. I cook Fenugreek (methi) rice in more than one way, some times adding ground masala paste, sometimes with paneer  or green peas. But this rice has a special place in my menu plans. This is special because there is hardly any tempering like mustard, jeera nor hardly any masala powders.
Whenever I have shared this with others they have appreciated it's taste and have asked for the recipe.
Fenugreek rice made this way is convenient when you want to cook a tasty meal with very few ingredients. Fenugreek is slightly bitter but frying them along with coriander reduces the bitterness and makes the rice aromatic. Garlic, red chilli pd and turmeric are used to season this rice.

Things you will need-
200 ml white rice medium or long grained (you don't have to use basmati rice)
200 ml finely chopped fenugreek leaves OR methi (fresh or frozen)
200 ml finely chopped coriander  leaves (fresh)
1 whole garlic cob (separate the cloves and peel and chop it into small pieces) or 2 tbsp chopped garlic
1 tsp red chilli pd
1 tsp turmeric pd (haldi)
2 tbsp oil (peanut oil/ sunflower oil/ rice bran etc)
1 tbsp ghee


Let's prepare it-
Wash rice first and drain the water. Next soak it in lots of fresh water for 20 mins and drain the water through a strainer. Boil the rice with little salt and water till each grain is cooked but separate. Drain the remaining water.
 You can pressure cooker the rice on slow heat with 400 ml water and little salt till you hear 1 whistle. Spread this rice on a big plate to cool completely.
(You can prepare this tasty and easy dish with leftover plain, boiled white rice).

1. Meanwhile heat a non stick pan.
2. When it is hot pour the oil and ghee and add garlic pieces. Stir fry on low heat till it is golden.

3. Add the chopped greens and salt  and fry till they start wilting. See that the greens do not become crisp .
-you need not thaw the fenugreek leaves, just break them into pieces and add. 
-be careful when you add salt as we have added some salt while cooking the rice.
-crispy leaves when fried till crisp tends to taste bitter.                                         

4. Put in turmeric pd and red chilli pd and fry for few secs and remove the pan from heat.
5. Gently mix in the rice till all the rice turns yellow in color.

Serving ideas-
It tastes nice with tomato-garlic chutney or dal fry/ tadka.
You may eat this rice hot or at room temperature with or without accompaniment.

Notes from my kitchen-

1. In case you have refrigerated it, reheat this methi rice in the microwave along with 1- 2 tbsp water.

2.Prepare this spiced rice as per the recipe at least for the first time so that you can enjoy the same taste. You may make some variations  when cooking this the second time.

3. Freezing Fenugreek leaves (click on this)

4. You can replace fenugreek with mint.

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